Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A day after the hit. Posted by Picasa
My poor little guy and his first black eye. He was 'sucker-punched'.....actually he was hit by a snow board by a 15 year old who should have known better. Otto was visiting his friend Jakes house in the newly fallen snow last Friday and Jakes older brother was out playing in the snow with the boys and they decided to have a snowball fight.....well, a 15 year old should know better than to consent to a snowball fight and then get *pissed-off* because a nine year old hits him with a snow ball and he picked up his snowboard and threw it right at Otto's face. As you can tell by my comments here, I'm not a very happy Mother to know that my son was hurt by a 15 year old who should know better and should beable to handle his anger in a better manner than doing this to a little boy. Posted by Picasa